20 of the UK's Top Mum Influencers

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July 22, 2022


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Julian Slosse

1) Stacy Solomon

As a mother of two young children, Stacy Solomon knows a thing or two about parenting. However, it wasn't until she started sharing her experiences on social media that she realised just how influential she could be.

Since then, Stacy has built up a large following of parents who appreciate her candid and relatable approach to motherhood. Whether she's sharing tips on potty training or sharing her latest parenting fail, Stacy provides her followers with an honest and entertaining look at motherhood.

In addition to her humorous take on parenting, Stacy is also known for her frank discussion of serious topics like postpartum depression and anxiety. As a result, she has become one of the UK's most popular mum influencers.

2) Travel-Mad-Mum

Travel Mad Mum is fronted by Karen, a well-known parenting and travel blogger who has a devoted following on all of her many social media platforms. For parents searching for guidance on how to travel with small children, Travel Mad Mum has become the go-to influencer on the subject. From long-haul flights to road vacations to short getaways with friends, Karen illustrates that parents can achieve everything they set their minds to.

3) Mother Pukka

Anna Whitehouse is a new breed of mother bloggers who have turned to social media as a full-time career. More than Kinfolk-style images of perfectly-groomed children, Mother Pukka shows the reality of motherhood in all its messy glory. To give it a handmade appearance for her daughter's school cake sale, she uses a rolling pin and unwraps the Arctic Roll on her vlogs. Additionally, Anna posts her daily life on Instagram, which is verified with the Blue Tick and has an impressive 155k followers!

4) Someone’s-Mum

Danielle of Someone's Mum, one of the UK's most popular parenting blogs, is also a champion for autistic people. Danielle has a kid with autism and is on a mission to educate the public about neurological diseases. When it comes to coping with the challenges of being a parent, Danielle is there to provide a sympathetic ear and offer sound counsel. Someone's Mum is a one-stop shop for all things parenting, including her favourite recipes as well as craft and gift ideas.

5) Fleur-De-Force

As yet another successful YouTuber, Fleur De Force is a household name in the fields of parenting, style, and cosmetics. Pregnancy until the arrival of a new baby was Fleur's first foray into parenting, which she documented on social media. It's not unusual for Fleur to take her little son along on vacations with the help of her fans.

6) Louise-Pentland

Louise started her blog in 2009 and has been an online superstar since then. When Louise isn't blogging about parenting or fashion or lifestyle or travel, she's putting her two young daughters through their paces. Home childbirth, birthday celebrations and vacations are among the topics Louise has mentioned in the past. As a mother, Louise has a lot to say about ‘mum guilt' and the challenges of working and raising a family.

7) Lad Baby Mum

LadBaby has become one of the UK's most well-known parenting influencers after multiple viral successes. In addition to her husband, Mark, Roxanne helps manage Lad Baby Mum, which has become a tremendously popular YouTube channel. She also has her own Instagram account where she posts on parenting. Roxanne's hilarious, realistic, and honest posts on motherhood have earned a devoted following.

8) Jessica Diner

When it comes to finding an unconventional Instagram mom, Jessica Diner is your best bet. In addition to being Vogue's Beauty & Lifestyle Director, Jessica is also a mother. Her 26.8k-follower Instagram is a combination of her life as a beauty director and time spent with her son Noah. Jessica is a frequent contributor to Vogue's parenting and beauty sections.

9) Mrs Shilts

Emma Shilton, a.k.a. Mrs Shilts, became a family and lifestyle blogger after establishing her blog to chronicle her weight reduction struggle. Emma, a freelance writer from the West Midlands, chronicles her experiences working from home and raising a family. Her favourite recipes, weekly meal planning and advice on how to encourage children to learn as they play are all included in this book by Emma. Emma's blog has a wide range of topics, from travel and restaurant reviews to advice for families.

10) Mother of Daughters

In the Instagram account Mother of Daughters, Clemmie Hooper is the person behind the scenes. As a midwife and the mother of four kids, Clemmie's blog covers both her personal experiences as a mom and her advocacy work for women's rights. While Clemmie has been authenticated by the Blue Tick, she also has 462k followers. Additionally, she's the author of a book about pregnancy, and a follow-up is on the way.

11) Mummy in the City

Tine Farstad chronicles her life as a mother of two in London's south-west. Parenting difficulties and tragedies, product and class reviews, and practical parenting advice abound on Mummy in the City. Tine's blog and her 1,867-follower Instagram account both include images of her unusual daily life. Tine strikes the perfect mix between glitz and realism, and that's something we can all identify with!

12) Dress Like A Mum

Founder of the Dress Like A Mum blog and Instagram account, Zo de Pass is on a mission to remove the stigma around motherhood-appropriate fashion. As a fashion and style inspiration source for mothers and mothers-to-be, Zoe's Instagram has over 100,000 followers. Zo proves that dressing like a mom is all about feeling good about yourself and wearing what you like, whether it's a pair of lobster-print shoes, a polka dot blazer, or a sleek leather one.

13) Freddie Harrel

Freddie Harrel is both a blogger and a business owner. She writes on a wide range of topics, including fashion, travel, and self-esteem. A combination of business, style and her son Hugo can be seen on Freddie's 137k-follower Instagram account. Posts on long-haul flights and the importance of self-confidence for women in business will be included. Freddie's gram is a great place to learn about parenthood, style, and self-confidence for women.

14) Zeena Moolla

Zeena, a mother who practices Islam, celebrates the many different ways women may be mothers (with the odd sweary joke). In addition to being published in publications such as Marie Claire and The Telegraph, Zeena is the author of a book that focuses on her experiences as a mother. Zeena's social media is full of light-hearted candid shots and she isn't afraid to show the realities of parenting.

15) The Unmumsy Mum

Sarah Turner's blog, The Unmumsy Mum, is all about the realities of parenting.  Sarah is a self-proclaimed "normal" mum who isn't afraid to show the messier side of parenting. With over 400k followers on Instagram, Sarah's account is full of relatable content for parents. From potty training to weaning and everything in between, Sarah's got you covered with her humorous and honest approach to motherhood. Unlike many other mum influencers, Sarah isn't afraid to show the less than perfect side of parenting.

16) Hurrah for Gin

Katie Kirby is the creator behind the popular parenting blog and Instagram account, Hurrah for Gin. Katie's blog is full of relatable content for parents, with a focus on the humorous side of parenting. With over 700k followers on Instagram, Katie's account is full of hilarious parenting moments captured through her unique perspective. If you're looking for a good laugh, then Hurrah for Gin is the place to go.

17) Anna Williamson

As a TV personality, presenter, and mother of two, Anna Williamson has a lot going on.  On her blog, Anna writes about everything from motherhood and parenting to mental health and wellness. With nearly 200k followers on Instagram, Anna's account is a great mix of personal insights, motherhood tips, and lighthearted content.

18) The Mother Hoodie

The Mother Hoodie is a blog and Instagram account created by two friends, Emily and Gemma. The Mother Hoodie is all about the realities of parenting, with a focus on the highs and lows of motherhood. With over 100k followers on Instagram, The Mother Hoodie is a great place to find relatable content and support from other mothers.

19) Louise Pentland

It is widely agreed that Louise is one of the most successful bloggers and video bloggers in the UK. This top parent influencer is a favourite among marketers that are looking to reach a large audience since she is a staunch supporter of body positivity and the acceptance of all body types. Her Instagram is full of updates on her family life, including advice on raising children and looking your best. A number of well-known companies, including Braun, Next, Olay, and others, are among the brands that have collaborated with her. The fact that Louise's mother passed away from metastatic breast cancer when Louise was just seven years old is something that Pentland explores in detail in her video titled "My Pink Hair Story," which was uploaded in October of 2015.

In 2006, she graduated with honours from Liverpool John Moores University, where she studied Psychology and Biology to achieve her Bachelor of Science degree. When Pentland decided to launch her craft and interior do-it-yourself blog, "Sprinkle of Glitter," she was already employed in a number of office positions. During the course of her successful career, she put effort into several other endeavours, including growing her profile on social media, authoring books, and launching a podcast. As of the year 2022, her net worth is more than one million dollars, and she continues to motivate a sizable audience with the stories and events from her life.

20) Sarah Litvinich

This top parent influencer has updated her followers on Instagram with photos of her growing family and their travels. Today, the mother of six gorgeous children regularly tweets humorous images of her family, as well as links to helpful items and advice on beauty.

Her tales include a tour of her home, advice on skincare and beauty products, favourite items to purchase, present ideas, fashion advice, and a variety of discount coupons for various types of domestic goods.

With over 740k  followers on Instagram, Sarah's account is full of hilarious parenting moments captured through her unique perspective. If you're looking for a good laugh, then Sarah should be your go-to mum influencer.

Why A Mum Influencer Should Be In Your Influencer Campaign

Influencer campaigns are a great way to connect with potential customers in a relatable and authentic way. A mum influencer can provide your brand with a trusted voice that speaks to the challenges and joys of modern parenting.

In addition, a mum influencer can help you to reach a new audience of parents who are looking for products that will make their lives easier. By working with a mum influencer, you can tap into her existing network of followers and create content that resonates with parents. In today's competitive market, an influencer campaign can give your brand the boost it needs to stand out from the crowd.


As we have seen, there are many different types of mothers who can be influential when it comes to marketing products and services to other parents. While some of the top mum influencers in the UK focus on parenting advice and sharing their own experiences, others take a more creative approach by using humour or lifestyle content.

What do all of these top mum influencers have in common? They know how to connect with their audience and build trust. If you're looking for help reaching parents in the UK market, consider working with one (or more) of these talented women.


Julian Slosse