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The fastest solution for Influencer Tracking, Analytics & Reporting.

Influencer DNA is the fastest solution for Influencer Tracking, Analytics & Reporting. Our handpicked database provides 100+ data points for every influencer, resulting in long-term collaborations and authentic activations that exceed your goals.

The brand Influencer DNA was founded in 2015. In 2021 Julian Slosse became the new Founder of the platform as we know it today. The fastest solution for Influencer Tracking, Analytics & Reporting for Shopify Brands and Agencies. In 2022, Remco Bos, René Hofma and Jochem van Dalfsen joined Influencer DNA as strategic investors.

Marketers will need to decode the new rules of engagement brought on by groundbreaking new technologies and fresh platforms. They are constantly trying to discover new ways to drive connections and build a following for their brands through the power of emerging digital technologies and influencer partnerships. 

That is why we have built Influencer DNA. Using the platform you can quickly find relevant influencers or influential customers and track their activities across all social media channels. It saves you time when creating and implementing your influencer marketing strategies, like affiliate marketing campaigns and brand collaborations.

At Influencer DNA we have one clear mission. Making influencer marketing accessible and scalable for Shopify Brands and Agencies world wide.

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