The Top 30 Food & Drink Influencers in the UK

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July 22, 2022


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Julian Slosse

London Food Fatty

London Food Fatty is a social media account that houses three anonymous creators. They represent many different eating styles, including meat-eaters and pescatarian vegan individuals with varying tastes in food from around the world to suit anyone's preferences! The variety of posts on this platform provides an amazing opportunity for promoting restaurants that serve dishes related specifically to your style or preference so get clicking.

Lady Who Brunches

Connie is the one-man army behind London's most Instagrammable brunch spots, with her account typically showcasing beautiful flat layouts of food that she loves. From poached eggs on sourdough toast to BBQ chicken ribs served up alongside sweet potato waffles and salted caramel ice cream; there are always plenty more dishes for you to try at home!


Instead of posting mundane social media updates, ThinkingFood247 is an Instagram and TikTok creator who posts "honest faves" to their accounts. They only feature delicious London eats as well as occasional international cuisine from around the world! The account has more than 5 thousand followers already thanks in part due its wide variety for all tastes buds.


Liv is a food blogger who loves to explore new dishes and drinks. Her Instagram account has an interesting colour block theme, where she posts several rows of red photos followed by green ones for something different from the norm!

She also features recipes on there sometimes too-which makes Liv even more popular in social media circles these days.


LondonFoodQueen is the go-to account for foodies who want to try new restaurants and menus from all over London. They are always sharing stunning photos of beautifully arranged dishes, giving followers a wide variety of options in their area!


EatnLondon is all about the most beautiful foods in London. From coffee shops and bakeries to outdoor scenes, these photos will make you want to travel around England just so that you can visit each location!

The account has a minimalistic vintage style which makes it perfect for those who love aesthetics as much as they do taste.

Ben Ebbrell

Chef and founder of Sorted Food, Ben Ebbrell has been inspiring his 116k Instagram followers with tasty recipes since he opened the online community for amateurs to buy regular meals affordably.

Meals by Mitch

The CEO of a recipe platform that specialises in one-pot meals, Mitch believes people don’t want to mess around with fancy dishes when it comes to cooking at home. The quality food you can achieve from just using your pan is nothing short of amazing!

What Willy Cook

Willy's culinary philosophy is "recipes, not stresses" - the idea that cooking should be fun, not complicated. He has a Youtube channel and Instagram where he shares recipes with his 200k plus followers!

Lylaa Shaikh

Lylaa Shaikh knows that everyone deserves to enjoy their meals, no matter the occasion. That's why she reviews restaurants and bars for her almost 70k Instagram followers as well as cooks some of them herself! Whether it be Halal or vegetarian-friendly food available at these dining spots.

Nick Digiovanni

Chef Nick Digiovanni has an impressive 1.1 million Instagram followers, and when you take a look at his videos it’s easy to see why he deserves this success!

His unique account reads almost like a recipe book with easy-to-navigate thumbnails that lead the way on whatever dish you're craving (we particularly love BBQ buffalo wings).

Max Greb

Max the Meat Guy is a viral Instagram star who has become famous for his passion for meat. He loves to show off his culinary skills by sharing videos of him cooking various meat dishes!

Clerkenwell Boy

London's most famous anonymous foodie, Clerkenwell Boy launched a campaign to cook for Syria which resulted in his best-selling cookery book at the end of last year.

He loves to experiment with different cuisines and his account is a colourful display of both healthy and indulgent meals!

Giulia Mulè

Giulia Mulè's photos are all about minimalism. There’s a lot of coffee art and brunch shots in her work, with London street scenes getting an occasional glance as well. But what makes her work stand out is the way she captures light in each photo- making every dish look like it’s been plated for a special occasion!

Chris Fynes

We The Food Snobs is a blog by Chris Fynes that documents his passion for all things food and cuisine meeting luxury travel, hotels under the lens. His work has been featured in publications such as Conde Nast Traveler magazine where he unfolds tales from every corner of our beautiful world through visual essays on destinations' culinary cultures.

He also shares what's new in eats across different continents so you can enjoy them too!

Thoroughly Modern Milly

A lifestyle and food blogger, Thoroughly Modern Milly loves to explore the rest of the UK on country weekends away. She enjoys mixing vintage or rustic style with other delights found during her travels for an interesting look into what makes each region unique in its way!

The Hemsley sisters

The Hemsley sisters are a family that has made cleaning up their diet and lifestyle one of the biggest trends in London. They've spread this worldview through TV shows, cookbooks with recipes for healthy eating-sensitively done dishes on Instagram where they have over 300k followers who love seeing what fresh ingredients will be put into each dish next!

Rosie Birkett

Modern London cuisine is a delicate balance of fresh, healthy ingredients combined with a stylish presentation that reflects the city’s diverse cultures. For summer heat waves Rosie opts for simple dishes like pimiento cheese on toast or fried cauliflower rice topped off by grilled tomatoes.

Deliciously Ella

London is experiencing a clean eating revolution thanks to Deliciously Ella. Her Instagram account has over 1 million followers and everything she launches seems set on top of the charts, becoming an example for others who want in on this trend as well!

Florence Knight

In the last year, Florence Knight has been everywhere. She's a chef and writer for publications like The Sunday Times who also hosts her cooking show on UKTV Food called "The Fabulous Mrs. K." And now she’s getting ready to return to work in kitchens again this coming spring—can't wait!


With over 100,000 followers on his account, Tschang gives food a more masculine and luxurious feel. His simple styles are paired with neutral tones for an easy-going yet elegant vibe that you just can't put your finger on!


London has a thriving food culture, but if you're looking for something different then it’s time to check out KS T. He delighted his 44 thousand followers with the dirty burgers and shakes that only he can provide!

Georgina Hayden

Georgina Hayden, is a cookbook author who has worked alongside Jamie Oliver for years and now writes her own books with a focus on celebrating Cypriot cuisine.

Noor Murad

Noor Murad's recipes are a collection of bright, flavoursome dishes that will be sure to please any palate. Her guidance on how these foods can come together in one dish makes them easy for anyone with an interest or passion for cooking at home- from beginner chefs up to seasoned professionals looking for new ideas!

The Messy Cook

With a passion for food, cooking and travel as well as a knack for blogging about it all; Messy Cook has quickly grown her audience. She continues to inspire others by sharing recipes from around the world while also making sure there are fun times posts like how-to videos on cleaning your cutleries (spoiler alert: you don't want that hello!).


Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, has taken the internet by storm with his quick and easy recipes that help you stay on track with your fitness goals. Joe has a range of books filled with delicious and nutritious meal ideas as well as workout plans to get your body moving!


If you're looking for some fitspiration then you need to head over to Thefitfoodiee. This account is all about helping you make healthier choices without sacrificing taste. From energy balls to avocado on toast, there's something for everyone!


The gbchefs are a group of professional chefs who share their recipes and knowledge with the world. They have a range of books available as well as an online platform where you can learn more about different techniques and styles of cooking.


Chris is the voice behind the popular food blog, tikichris. He covers everything from restaurant reviews to news and events happening in the London food scene. He also hosts a podcast where he interviews some of the top chefs and restaurateurs in the city!

The Little London Vegan

The Little London Vegan is a blog by Kat who loves to make and eat delicious vegan food. She also enjoys showing her followers that a plant-based diet can be fun, easy, and most importantly, tasty!

Are Influencers Expensive to Work With?

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