Learn how other brands and agencies successfully used our filters

Learn how other brands successfully used our filters

Steal practical insights from other successful influencer campaigns.

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Birthday Cake Surprise

Mona (Friesland Campina) launched a new product: Mona cake’s. To get attention for this new product, Mora decided to surprise several influencers with a cake on their birthday. Next to some smiles, it also generated awesome content.

Important used filters:
  Date of Birth Filter
  Home Address Export
   Diets Filter


Vitamins For The Whole Family

To give the kids product-line an online boost Vitaminbottle invited “mommy influencers” living in the conurbation (Randstad) to their launch event. Long-term cooperations that followed with these influencers resulted in beautiful content.

Used features:
  Children Filter
  Location Filter
   Categories Filter
   WhatsApp Integration


The Green Future

Greentom stands for smart, functional and above all sustainable products. To carry out their vision the right way they chose to work with influencers whom actively and visibly contribute to the same cause. This resulted in high quality content and improved discoverability of their website.

Import used filters:
  Children Filter
  Channels Filter
   Keyword Search

Sunny Cords


Last summer, Sunny Cords launched a brand awareness campaign to expand their audience to the Netherlands.

7 out of the 10 influencers they reached out to via IDNA generated engaging and authentic content that delivered 17.8x ROI and 12% increase in followers.

Important used filters:
  Date of Birth and Location Filters
  Platform Filter (Instagram)
   Interests Filter (Fashion/Style)








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