6 Ways Influencers Can Boost Your Brand: How to Harness the Power of Social Media

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April 17, 2022


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Julian Slosse

What is the Definition of an Influencer

Social media influencers are individuals who have a large and loyal following on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook etc. They partner with brands to convey messages of different kinds for their respective target audiences which helps them reach out to customers more effectively than ever before!

Influencers are an important key to reaching your desired customers. They boost brands by promoting products to people who might not otherwise see their ads or promotions, overall they make it easier for the company by catering content specifically towards this group of individuals.

The Different Types of Influencers

To understand how influencers can add value to your brand you have to know the different types of influencers. Each one of these types has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is also important to understand what you are looking for before you start your search for the right influencers.

Macro influencers

There's a type of social media influencer that has over 1 million followers and they are known as macro influencers. They tend to have between 1 to 10 million followers so celebrities often fall into this category. This following does come with a higher cost but you can assure they have a loyal and engaged following.

Micro influencers

Micro influencers usually have between 10,000 to 1 million followers and are known for their niche and dedicated audience. They tend to be more affordable than macro influencers but they might not have as much reach.

Nano influencers

Nano influencers tend to fall in the 1,000 to 10,000 range. Nano influencers are taking over mega brand ambassadors rapidly because people want to see authentic content, not just promotions. Additionally, these small following don't have large audience bases but they're extremely successful due to the level of authenticity their post scary which makes them well sought after by branding agencies who need this type of follower base for campaigns or ads where there is no shortage in regard toward ROI (return on investment).

6 Ways Influencers Can Boost Your Brand

There are many different ways influencers can help your business. Here are six of the most common:

Increased brand awareness

When influencers post about your product or service, their followers take notice. This increased awareness can result in more people learning about your brand and what you have to offer.Even if this awareness does not result in a transaction straight away it is still extremely valuable for your brand because it creates a positive association with your business which will lead to an increase in sales down the line! This awareness from a positive campaign is also likely to result in word of mouth marketing, which is one of the most effective types of marketing there is!

Generating leads and sales

This is what we all want right? More sales! Influencers can help with this by promoting your products or services to their followers. When people buy something that an influencer has recommended, they are more likely to believe in the product and be more likely to make a purchase. In fact, studies have shown that influencer marketing generates 11 times more ROI than traditional forms of marketing. This is because influencers give a personal recommendation, which makes the product or service feel like it's coming from a friend, not just some random business trying to sell something.

To increase conversions be sure to ask your influencer to add a link to their bio or story post. This will make it easier for people to find your website and ultimately increase the number of conversions from social media.

Start conversations about your brand

Influencers can help you start conversations about your brand. Influencers have a very engaged audience, so when they post about your product or service, their followers will comment and share. This will create a buzz about your brand which can lead to increased awareness and sales.

Build brand strength

Building brand strength is different from brand awareness in a number of ways. Brand strength is not just about being able to increase awareness and sales, it's also about building trust with your customers. When an influencer promotes your product or service, it shows their followers that they actually believe in what you're offering.This will give your brand credibility and make customers more likely to make a purchase from you because of the positive recommendation that has been given.

Brands are banking on millennials and Gen Z because they have high purchasing power, but traditional advertising lacks this reach and credibility. With help from social media influencers that the audience trusts your brand will have a better chance to succeed with this lucrative market.

Influencers are flexible with payment

One of the best things about working with influencers is that they are very flexible with payments. Some will accept money, others prefer products or services as payment for promoting your brand on their social media platforms. Traditional marketing is very expensive compared to influencer marketing, plus it is simple to track your ROI with these campaigns when you partner with Influencer DNA. We make it possible to see if your campaign will be successful without you having to commit to thousands upfront.

Another benefit is that you are not stuck to one form of creativity with an influencer you can experiment with different strategies, for example, you may want to try the following.

●    Product placement

●    Giveaways

●    Swipe ups

●    Q&As

●    Feed posts

●    Reels

The list goes on!

Influencers build valuable content

This may be one of the most important benefits of working with social media influencers. When you partner with an influencer, they will often create valuable content for your brand. You can repurpose this content for your own accounts and website, which will allow you to increase brand awareness without having to spend time creating it yourself.

Final Thoughts

So, how do you harness the power of social media? By working with influencers. If you’re not sure where to start or what to look for in an influencer, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

At Influencer DNA we handpick the most reputable and relevant influencers for your brand. We have a wide variety of influencers to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.


Julian Slosse