Let the greatest brands find you

Let the greatest brands find you

To increase your value and grow your income, brands need to understand who you are and why you are the perfect fit. Help yourself by helping brands.

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Only high-quality and long term collaborations

Are you looking for new authentic partnerships with brands that match your own? Great! Our brands would love to get in touch.

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Make more money

While you focus on bringing value to brands, we focus on making sure you're found by awesome brands.

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Personal contact via your e-mail or phone

You don’t need apps or platforms between you and your partners. Brands will get in touch with you directly so you can build a good relationships.

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What other influencers say

I love to be part of this influencer community. Influencer DNA really takes the time to screen every influencer, and therefore I feel comfortable to present myself on this platform.

Influencer referentie

Gabrielle Koster

Travel influencer from the Netherlands

By sharing this much information about myself, brands finally understand what content resonates with my audience. Together we created really successful campaigns!

influencer referentie

Julian Piket

Fashion influencer from the Netherlands

It takes some time to sign-up, but once they accept you to their community it’s totally worth it. Brand are now reaching out to me more often than before.

influencer referentie

Lara Mallo

Fashion influencer from the Netherlands

Very happy to see that brands are finally finding my profile and contacting me personally via my e-mail or phone. Personal contact is very important for me.

influencer referentie

Mariska Oldenburg

Interior influencer from the Netherlands

For me this is the first platform that really helps me with explaining who I am and what I love to do. Awesome platform!

influencer referentie

Esmee Trouw

Fashion influencer from the Netherlands

With over 40 questions during the sign-up process I really feel like they take me and my brand seriously. Next to that brands will be able to find me more easily!

influencer referentie

Mark Schadenberg

Health influencer from the Netherlands

At first I was a bit sceptical about the sign-up process, and answering this many questions about myself. But ever since, brands really started to take my personality into account.

influencer referentie

Jeremy Ziessen

Fashion influencer from the Netherlands

Influencer DNA understands my needs as a brand and knows how to create an easy way for suitable brands to find me on their platform.  

influencer referentie

Tjeerd Braat

Fashion influencer from the Netherlands

Happy that I could join this high-end influencer community! It’s the perfect place for me to present myself to interesting brands and agencies.

influencer referentie

Saar Bliss

Mommy influencer from the Netherlands

Wow, for the first time I feel like I can explain my brand in the right way. Would recommend it to anyone who wants to work with cool brands!

influencer referentie

Yvonne van Haastregt

Sport influencer from the Netherlands

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Free Mediakit

Professional and trustworthy mediakits helps you to sell yourself to brands. Soon you will be able to get one for free at Influencer DNA.

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Premium model

Promote yourself within the database and help brands to find you more easily.

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Contact brands yourself

Take a look at the brands using Influencer DNA and let them know you are interested.

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