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Why do brands and agencies like Influencer DNA?

''At Fatboy we love working with influencers. The only really challenging part is finding the right influencers for our brand. Influencer DNA solved this by providing us with an extremely high-quality database with really interesting influencers.’’

Inge Wildenberg, Marketing & PR Executive at Fatboy

''I never thought it would be possible to find the exact influencers I’ve been looking for with a bunch of filters. I have to say, Influencer DNA proved me wrong.’’

Lennart Boele - Online Marketing Manager at Koupe

''For us, the match between our brand and the influencer is of utmost importance. The large amount of data they provide enables me to go next level in creating campaigns that really fit the person.’’

Julie Choenni - Online Campaign Manager at Luxaflex

''There are many interesting platforms to choose from when it comes to launching and managing influencer marketing campaigns, but Influencer DNA raised the bar when it comes to access to large amounts of reliable data per influencer.’’

Valery Maliouga, Brand & PR Manager at Goosecraft

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